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Customers interested in hiring the best long distance or overseas automobile moving company should first contact Allen Auto Transport. Working in the vehicle moving business for over two decades, Allen Auto Transport has formed relationships with trusted auto carriers who are licensed, insured, bonded and have a proven reliability record delivering vehicles in a safe and professional manner. Different from other car and truck moving companies, Able cares about customers as well as their vehicles. Since many personal vehicles are collectible, have family memories associated with them or have been customized by their owners, the staff at Allen Auto Transport strives to assist customers will all aspects of the vehicle transportation process: pre, during and post transport.

Building Life-Long Customer Relationships
Always ensuring a positive experience, Allen Auto Transport knows many customers will want to ship their vehicles again; either to their original starting location or to another new location. Looking to form life-long customer relations, Allen Auto Transport goes the extra mile to ensure all customers are satisfied. Thanks to Allen Auto Transport’s written contracts, vehicle owners will be informed with respect to a destination’s starting and ending location, the shipment’s estimated timeline and expected financial obligations. In rare cases, some shipments may be delayed. Allen Auto Transport understands this can happen and strives to deliver customer satisfaction by allowing a rental car allowance. With pre-approval, customers facing a shipment delay may be entitled to financial assistance.

Vehicle Shipments to Hawaii
If needing a car moving service to transport a vehicle from the Continental U.S. to Hawaii, Allen Auto Transport can help. Vehicles can be shipped to several locations in Hawaii including:

-        Hilo, Island of Hawaii,
-        Honolulu, Island of Oahu,
-        Kahului, Island of Maui,
-        Nawiliwili, Island of Kauai

Vehicles already in Hawaii can also be shipped to the Continental U.S. using the same shipment methods. Allen Auto Transport is able to arrange deliveries to several locations including:

-        Los Angeles, California,
-        Oakland, California,
-        Seattle, Washington

Requirements for shipping vehicles to and from each destination vary; however, all vehicles should be delivered clean and contain a ¼ tank of gas or less. It is suggested that all vehicles have recommended amounts of anti-freeze in them; especially if traveling during the fall and winter months. Inside the vehicle, valuables should be removed and loose items should be properly secured. Vehicles are subject to inspection from port officials. Therefore, it is imperative each car, truck or van is delivered according to recommended guidelines.

International Shipping
For military personnel, part-time residents of another state, or international travelers, Allen Auto Transport’s international vehicle moving service is a safe alternative to placing a personal car, truck or van in an unattended, vehicle storage facility. Vehicles are shipped using trusted carriers with excellent safety records. This allows customers to enjoy their journey, as the arrangements for locating a quality, insured carrier have been meticulously handled.

Personal items in vehicles are limited to 80-100 lbs. within the trunk / cargo area of the vehicle only.

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Phone: 800-722-2267
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